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Our absolute favorite task with the wedding planning process is finding the colors and developing the "look and feel" to the big day! Now that we are in Fall/Winter months,, we love rich colors and textures with flowers, linens and dresses.

The past few wedding that we've done have truly been so exciting to plan and execute. Color palates with burgundy, blush, country blues and golds have made for some of the best photos of the year!

To find inspiration, I turn to some of my favorite magazines. The Florists Review, Bliss Celebrations and Wedding Flowers & Accessories. Hands down the best 3 magazines for finding design elements and ideas for the big day. Wedding Flowers & Accessories is a UK based magazine and they have tons of ideas for bouquets and centerpieces. Nice thing about this magazine is they tell you all the flowers used in the photos, so it makes a lot easier when trying to describe what you want to you florist.

As planners & florists, we love when we have a Bride that comes to us and really doesn't know where to start when it comes to the design of the wedding. The design factor of the planning, for us, is the best part. We do tons of research on the current trends and have great ideas of how to capture the essence of the couple.

So here's my advice when trying to determine wedding themes.. Don't limit yourself to just 1 color. What I mean by that is.. have your main color with a couple of different accents. For example maybe you are having the bridesmaids wear burgundy with blush colored rose bouquets. It's great to add a few wow factors in there like purple, fuchsia, coral and blue. Carry this color scheme into the centerpieces and it will really dress up your tablescape and make the photos look more than 1 dimensional. Greens, greens, greens!! We love them!! A great way to add some drama for any of budget. To tie the look together,, have your planner or florist help with ribbon or vase selections. Very simple items that go a long way to add uniqueness to your wedding.

When it's all said and done,, picking the right types and colors of flowers will really help establish the "look and feel" for the wedding and add that level of luxury guests will truly enjoy.

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