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Wedding Accessories

So being in the wedding & event planning business, we are always being contacted by other vendors trying to get their product or service out there. Recently, we were contacted by 2 great companies! We are always being asked about where a Bride can find nice flip flops or what to do about bugs for a tented outdoor reception. Well, I'm happy to report I have 2 great places I can direct you to!

Here is a great company, conveniently called "Reception Flip Flops". They have all kind of colors but that's not it!! They have custom tags, parasol umbrellas and fans, customized baskets aaaaand really nicely made signs to let you guests know about the items!! Best of all,, if you contact them to place an order, you will be given a 5% discount off your order by using the promo code BEDIVAS. How cool is that??

So drop them a line and provide something really nice and comfy for your guests too!

You can contact them at or

Another amazing vendor is NovelAir. These are bug repelling wrist bands that can be customized with just about anything!! Wedding date, hashtag or just a nice thank you to your guests. They are nice because it wouldn't be something that would be annoying to wear for guests - similar to a wrist band you would wear at a club and it protects up to 40 hours!! Pricing seems pretty reasonable too! So if you are looking for a great way to keep the bugs off and have it be affordable, check this company out.

Hope this was a good read, and you got a little info too. If you are in need of other things for the big day, send us an email! Chances are, we know a vendor who has just what you're looking for.

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