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Need Help Finding The Perfect Venue?

We all know there's tons of sites to look for venues; The Knot, Here Comes The Guide, Wedding Wire etc. BUT, the best one out there by far is Wedding Spot. They list the breakdown of capacity, rental fees, amenities yatta yatta yatta. The great thing about this site is their "price this venue" button. It asks you a few questions about how you want your day to go as far as ceremony, cocktail hour and reception and it gives you a ballpark price for your specific event!! This way, you get a pretty accurate total of how much it would be to have your wedding at a specific venue.

So convenient, and as you know, once you call someplace and give them your wedding and contact information you get all the calls from the sales team. With this site, you get your answers fast without waiting for someone to get back to you or getting a million calls.

Wedding Spot is Diva approved and has all the great locations in the area on it. They really went above and beyond when creating the functionality of this site.

Happy venue shopping!!

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