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Lights, Camera, Action!!

We are beyond excited for tonight's episode of "Married At First Sight" at 9pm EST on Lifetime, because our work will be featured during the weddings on the show!

We had the FABULOUS opportunity to provide all the florals for the weddings, which filmed this past summer at the Battery Wharf Hotel in Boston's historic North End.

With it's location being right on the waterfront, the back drop for the weddings is nothing short of spectacular!

Such a once in a lifetime opportunity (no pun intended) to meet the directors, set designers and technical staff of the show - which after seeing how much gear they have and exactly what goes into filming these shows, it is no easy task! We were even invited to stay for lunch one day with the design crew and learn where they were from, how they got into the reality show business and what their specific jobs were with the production. A wonderful group of talented people, and talk about feeling like a Diva for a day!

We can't thank the producers and crew of Married At First Sight enough for letting us take part of such an incredible experience!!

Don't forget to tune in to Lifetime TONIGHT at 9pm ET to see our floral design for the weddings portion of "Married At First Sight".

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