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Our Favorite Spring Wedding Flowers

Stop and smell...more than just the roses!!

Spring is such a great time for soft and delicate colors, so we put a list together of our top 5 favs.

5. Calla Lily - We the love the elegance of this flower! It goes great with any theme wedding. From rustic to white & diamonds. Calla Lilies are great for bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres - especially if you have someone who is sensitive to really fragrant flowers. Calla's always make a great statement and are so simple to work with!!

Pink Calla Lily Bouquet

4. Tulips - These flowers are great - and so unexpected!! Coming in lots of different colors and having a fabulous texture when they fully open. Very cost effective, simple and elegant.

Parrot Head Tulip

3. Anemone - Love love love these flowers! The colors are bright and true, and the centers of these flowers are so unique. They are probably one of the most delicate flowers but totally go perfectly in bridal bouquets.

Anemone Flowers

2. Lisianthus - These are so perfect!!! This time of the year the bud is so big!! Sure to make a statement in a bouquet or center piece. I love working with these because not only to you get the amazing flower but you also get the closed buds that are so adorable and the colors they come in are fab!


1. Drum roll please! We have a tie for our numero uno!!

Ranunculas - I can't tell you enough how much I love these! They are a great, tough and an amazingly colored flower! Sometime confused with a rose... these are stunning flowers one of my top pick for "WOW" factor in the Bride's Bouquet.


Peony - Probably the greatest wedding flower ever! The Peony! When these open they are nothing shot of breathtaking. A true timeless beauty. My personal fav is the Sarah Bernhartdt, they are a late spring-early summer flower and totally magnificent.

Sarah Bernhardt Peony

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